Home Improvement—Vivian Unearths Her Garage - Assessing What’s Left

Home Improvement—Vivian Unearths Her Garage More Floor Space Uncovered (Blog 5 Weekend June 20-21, 2020)

TIP OF THE WEEK: Stay the course but enjoy the ride and all the surprises you’ll be uncovering.

I’m really in the swing of cleaning out the garage now. By Week 5, I moved more efficiently and made decisions more quickly. Out with this! Out with that!

I’d reached a section filled with art materials, both mine and my now-adult children’s. Were any still good? I took the time to check, tossing out anything dried up and keeping materials I might be able to use when I return to painting.

I feel bad about what I wasted. Between spending money on items I didn’t use up, and the environmental impact of contributing to landfill, I’m getting the guilties. But, move on I must, so that’s what I did.