Home Improvement - Vivian Unearths her Garage - Boundaries Needed - June 27 & 28

Home Improvement - Vivian Unearths her Garage - Boundaries Needed

No Way, Jose! Get Your Home Goods OUT of Here

TIP OF THE WEEK: Set boundaries with your family. Refuse to take in any new-to-your-home items, especially from adult children. Keep to the mission or you will never finish purging the mess in your home.

Wait. Look! Is that gray? Is it cement? It is. It’s the FLOOR! After 6 weeks of purging my garage in spurts, I see the floor again. Things are looking up. Well, down.

Seeing that nondescript base feels like a major accomplishment. I emptied a shelf of gardening and hardware tools and split all those gadgets into give-away, re-assemble and throw-away piles. Let’s face it; I’ll never touch the awl again. Or any of it. In fact, I should probably throw the reassemble pile into one of the others. But meanwhile …

I only see a sliver of the floor and need to move forward.

But waaaaayyyyyyiiiiiit a minute. I hit a snag. A big one.

My son moved back in. Sounds like good news, since we’ll have several weeks of bonding time before he flies off to grad school across the country. But guess what? He arrived with a bed and a blender and a load of other apartment furnishings and kitchen gadgets. Are these items bound for my newly revealed garage floor?

Heck no.

I was torn. I keep his stuff so he won’t need to buy new items if he moves back to town in two years, I thought. But, then, NO, I decided. No backtracking. He needs to purge too. The rule: Throw out, sell or take with you to California every bit of this collection

I’m trying to end my packrat habit and refuse to let his bounty set me back.

I live in Orange County, Florida, and I’m lucky. Our county trash service bulky items like mattresses and bed frames. His went to the curb this morning and were gone by midday. #closecall. All it took was a quick call in advance.

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