Home Improvement - Vivian Unearths Her Garage - Extra Space Has Flex-Appeal

Home Improvement - Vivian Unearths Her Garage - Extra Space Has Flex-Appeal

TIP OF THE WEEK: Consider the varying uses of spaces within your home to convert as your needs change. For example: a room can convert to playroom, exercise room, work space, bedroom, craft room, and multi-uses at once with creative design.

The Garage has Multiple Uses - Surprise!

With this blog, I made an announcement that I would conquer the garage that transformed over years from an art studio to a crowded mess. Everything that had nowhere in the house was dumped there. Somehow after 12 weeks I succeeded! Now when I open the door to the garage I am surprised with having a spacious art studio back again.

Down to the nitty gritty to inventory the paints I need for the full rainbow to create.

Intentions are just that, intentions. Life gets in the way, we procrastinate, we keeping making promises to ourselves and time elapses. This weekend had one of those detours, as I had a plan for a headshot photoshoot on a Saturday morning. Oops, Friday’s hair appointment turned into a redo on Saturday morning. Could I even consider a profile photoshoot on a bad hair day? Not a chance. The shoot was rescheduled for Sunday, but first I had important preparation.

Saturday’s color adventure was focused on hair and clothing instead of paint inventory.

It took a large part of the day and it was a different experience shopping for clothes in this pandemic which did not keep away buyers during a big sale. Ready for my profile photoshoot, I head back to the studio.

Realizing my studio painting wall would be a great place for the silo shots, I decided to pull out a can of white paint to cover the color splashes from painting years ago. Everything has its place now, so it was very easy to find a full can of white paint! Opening the can after 20 years I began working through the layer of medium and cottage cheese, mixing and digging, until I could paint. It covered but it was discolored, still it makes a fresh start to make a painting mess again.

Finally, Sunday, photo shoot day! A white sheet was tacked up on the wall and with the photographer, Arlys Lopez’s professional lights, and colors chosen for the best portrait outcome, I realized the flexibility of having my garage back again!

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