Home Improvement – Vivian Unearths Her Garage – The First Steps

Home Improvement – Vivian Unearths Her Garage – The First Steps

TIP OF THE WEEK: To take the first step, just pick out a small thing to organize that will make you feel better.
(For Example: I chose to take a small box of travel magnets and find some metal to place them on. This did nearly nothing in regards to cleaning up my garage but I could look at them and they make me happy!) 

OK, it’s time. I’m doing this thing. I am unearthing my garage.

My plan is to systematically take a box at a time. In May 2020, I decided to start with whatever happened to be closest to the garage door from the driveway. No picking and choosing. No pushing something aide for another day.

In I went. Many of the first boxes I opened held a combination of stuff my now-grown kids forgot they ever had, sentimental memorabilia we can live without, and photos. I have a photo and card corner in the corner, so I moved the pictures I liked best there, along with … well, the memorabilia and some of the other items. This means I’ll revisit those another time. Let’s score that a half-success.

I did make progress though. I set aside a corner for whatever goes to Goodwill and began filling a strong lawn-and-leaf trash bag with junk no one would want. I made other piles too: one for items so big the trash collectors won’t take them, and another for children’s books and other goods I’ll give to relatives.

Within two long days, I’d emptied a quarter of the floor. The cool rainy day gave me the impetus to keep going. I’m feeling sassy now.