Incredible Service    

  1. My agent made sure that all showing agents had masks, gloves and removed their shoes when visiting my home, but being there and reiterating that. The pandemic made it very important and so she was at my home making everyone adhere to the rules.
  2. She even cleaned my home, organized the paver cleaning and staged my home with orchids, artificial plants , pillows, blankets, etc. to make my home one that everyone wanted to own.
  3. She hosted an open house that resulted in two offers. In total we had 10 offers!
  4. As a designer she took photos of my home with an artist's eye. These were posted on MLS and social media. My cash buyer was buying my home sight unseen, having only seen the photos on MLS.
  5. She created a video that was seen on all social media and communicated all through the US and abroad.
  6. She negotiated all offers higher than the initial agent to agent discussion.
  7. Communication is key and she communicated every piece of these varied offers and the contracts, and most of all responded to support me, with my wishes every time.
  8. She investigated the loan commitments of the buyer and the buyers of the contingent home sale, and she kept the buyers agent aware of the timeline.
  9. She was there for the second inspection as I was out of town and also when a person was coming to estimate the cost of items on the inspection list.
– Tianying Shi (Seller on Sept 2020)
Character Testimonial
As a prospective client, we’re always hoping to find the best person for the task at hand. How will they be at (fill in the blank)? A good start is how have they been at (fill in the blank)?

Have they been a good person, empathetic? Have they been sensitive to concerns and needs of others? Have they been good listeners? If one has lived and worked in a community for over 20 years while displaying positive impressions for these types of questions, and you are fortunate to have them as a neighbor, then “how have they been at all realizing their goals?” It is a good indication of “how they will be as a realtor.” Vivian has been wonderful at being our neighbor for over 20 years.

– Shirley & John (Neighbors on Sept 2020)

Out-of-State and Home Sight Unseen, Pittsburgh Resident Moves to Florida
 Vivian Kerstein is the best realtor in Florida! She goes above and beyond for every client she has. I was moving to Florida from Pittsburgh and it was very overwhelming and oftentimes I wanted to give up. Vivian made the move possible and she was there for me reassuring that everything will be ok and that she would do everything possible to get me in my dream home and she delivered on her word. I could not have gotten my dream home without her and she will be the only realtor I ever recommend to anyone buying a home.

– Nakisha Davis (Renter on Oct 2020)

Great Experience
Working with Vivian was lovely. She was able to sell a home that I was building in the pre-construction phase. We were able to get a lot more than what I expected. I look forward to continue working with Vivian.
– Jose Belalcazar (Seller on Dec 2020)

 Above and Beyond 

Vivian went above and beyond to keep things moving. We were out of town so we truly appreciated her attention to detail & willingness to be onsite when we could not.

– Richard & Wendy Hamilton (Seller on Feb 2021)


Like buying a house with a close friend!

Working with Vivian was like having a friend or family member helping you out. We were first time buyers reaching for a dream home and she led us through every step with care and knowledge. She kept in constant contact, explained everything we didn't get and gave stellar advice. Even though she was the seller's realtor, she negotiated and worked for us just as hard on our tight situation to get the house. We definitely could not have done this without her!

– Sami Butler and Heather Harris (Buyer on March 2021)


You are in Good Hands

Vivian is a trusted person. I can say you are in good hands. I will always be with her as she is so dedicated. Vivian found a rental for me and further down the road we will use her for a home purchase. ...thanks Vivian, we love you.

– William Correa (Renter on June 2021)

She Did Not Disappoint!
Vivian was a dream to work with! We had plans to move to Florida from Minnesota. We chose Vivian out of a list of realtors because of all the great information she has on her website and Facebook page. She did not disappoint! Vivian was very responsive to every need and question. She was incredibly honest about our options and the reality of the market. She was especially knowledgeable about those things we didn’t know being from Minnesota. Although we ended up staying in Minnesota, to be close to family, we would highly recommend Vivian to anyone planning to buy in Florida!

– Giovanni (Buyer August 2021)

My First Home

Vivian was helpful and went above and beyond by picking me up daily (for 5 days). She brought along my file and was prepared to the point of numbering the viewings on the printouts and included a map so I could see where the listings were located. I changed my mind 3 times in regards to location due to wanting services within 10 to 15 minutes away and I wanted more of a community feel.. With that being said by Sunday she really knew what I did/didn't like. I felt riding together helped build a bond as we could discuss the properties and the likes and dislikes. And even to the point of Vivian saying several times this one isn't for you. The property I purchased was a wow when I walked in and my excited to my new adventure...thanks Vivian for all your hard work...can't wait for you to see my home all put together!!! 

– Cathy Calfee (Seller) on 2 Nov 2021

Vivian was so helpful!

Vivian was very helpful as well as knowledgeable. She went above and beyond for us.
– Micah Brown Rhodes (Seller) on 8 Nov 2021
A great person with kind heart and big smile 
I don't know where to start. I must say she is the most helpful person I have ever met. The way Vivian helped me to find a perfect house...it was extremely rare, she went out of her way to help me and I'm really thankful for that. She is a great person with kind heart and big smile....I felt like she was a family or friend, the way she took interest and showed her concern (I was pregnant at that time when I was looking for house) and because of her dedication I found a perfect place for me and my family...
Thanks Vivian for everything....
– Amber Asgar (Renter)  Oct 2021
Excellent customer service, very professional, went above and beyond
801 Desert Mountain Ct Reunion FL 34747 in 2021
Realtor.com & Rate My Agent reviews - 
5 stars
Market expertise 5 stars
Responsiveness 5 stars
Negotiation skills 5 stars
Professionalism & Communication 5 stars

My brother passed away unexpectedly leaving behind several properties in Florida. The whole process was more difficult because I don't live in Florida. Vivian was the recommended realtor for one of the properties. We had many difficulties with the renter at this property. Once we got him out, we found that he left extensive piles of garbage and junk. Vivian quickly evaluated the property and secured services to remove the junk ( dumpsters full ), clean the carpets, deep-clean the house and found a pool service to get the pool cleaned, Within a very short time (few days), she had the property ready to be listed. We quickly did get an offer from a buyer. Because the property was part of an estate, we had to go through the Florida courts for approvals. Vivian patiently worked with the buyers agent to keep them updated during the process. As we were getting ready to close, an issue was found that delayed the close by nearly a month. Vivian calmly worked though all of this, moving things forward where she needed to, while keeping the buyer informed. I'd say this was a very unusual close. I needed someone to go above and beyond and she did. Vivian was extremely responsive ( available morning and night ), always calm, always positive and just a good person. I am grateful for her as she helped me through one of the most difficult times of my life, I would highly recommend her services.

– Julie
Like Family
Thank you Vivian. Your are like family. If it wasn't for you and your total commitment we would not have been able to get to this point. You helped with the rental long distance and finally found our dream home thanks to you. You are so committed to your clients, it's unbelievable how caring you are. I don't have the words to really express what you did for us. All you people looking for the best broker in Florida. Contact her. I promise you will not regret it. She will stick by you until the end. We love her. She is family forever. Thank you so much Vivian.

William Correa - Buyer April 2022

Love her, she is the best

She is the most helpful person I have ever met. She is professional and she knows the best people in business. She helped me even after I bought my house to do repairs and painting at my new house. Whenever I need her, she is there to help me. She is more than a realtor. I'm glad that I found her and she made my experience of buying a home so easy and comfortable.

Review submitted by Amber Asgher (Seller) on 6 May 2022

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