Vivians Case for Real Estate and Art – Blog 2 - Oct 9, 2020

Vivian’s Case for Real Estate and Art – Picking up a Brush and It’s SCARY

TIP OF THE WEEK: Jump right in to something that you have been really wanting to do but you just keep avoiding because you are afraid. Make today the day!

Truth be told, I am petrified to begin painting again. Life is so much easier not trying to figure out the world’s problems by merely making a mark on canvas. My broker, Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Florida Realty chose Sunshine Kids as their non-profit organization to support. Sunshine Kids this year decided on a fundraiser to decorate pumpkins, replacing their big gala because of the pandemic. Excited for the creative opportunity, I jumped in.

The Pumpkin Palooza, as they called it, a creative endeavor would help me get pass the fear to start painting again. Googling images, I was struck by the amazing feats of pumpkin carving. It is like a relief printing process, the more you carve into the surface the brighter the image. Poke completely through a pumpkin and the candle light shines through brightest. An exquisite pumpkin carving of the Starry Night by Van Gogh took me in. Could I, maybe? I bought a jumbo pumpkin and decidedly thought I would carve.

Taking out my printmaking and wood carving tools, I realized I threw out the box of Halloween stuff including the tools to carve a pumpkin. There it was again that moment of thought. Should I not have…? then NO, I am not going back to hoarding! In general, carving tools are not my favorite. Once a utility knife easily passed through a block of batik wax into the muscular part of my hand, below my thumb. Since, I am much more careful.

I examined the pumpkin, my tools, the image, over and over. Thinking of my new blog, the Case for Real Estate and Art, it occurred to me, to carve something real estate - a haunted house! This is my individual participant fundraiser.

My Pumpkin Fundraising Page

For an office design, my broker called all-agents on deck meeting, but only a couple showed including me. Creatives were unleased, zooming together, separate but together, broker, administrator, my buddy realtor and myself. The idea, still a surprise did include some painting. For the first time in a longtime I painted. I mixed and mixed and used a brush and it was like one says about learning how to ride a bicycle, you never forget.